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Rehabilitation of the Sant Pau Modernista complex. 24, 25 and 26 October 2013


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The Modernista complex of Sant Pau, declared World Heritage in 1997, is one of Barcelona’s architectural jewels. It functioned as a hospital until 2009, almost one hundred years after it was opened, and is now undergoing rehabilitation and a change of use to host various international organizations. Its dimensions, its architectural and constructive characteristics, and the determination to give the complex a new use for the 21st century make the rehabilitation of Sant Pau a symbol of the dynamism of Catalan society.
Many professionals have participated in adapting the complex to present-day use. Numerous multidisciplinary teams of architects, engineers and other professionals are involved in the work, along with specialized construction firms and a variety of artisans, all of whom play a vital role in recovering, from a modern perspective, the constructive tradition that marks the complex.
The aim of this conference is to present the work carried out and currently under way, from architectural and technological viewpoints. The principal agents involved in the task will provide both a conceptual overview and a guided visit to the complex, allowing participants to appreciate the quality and the complexity of this rehabilitation project that makes our sector an international leader in the field.