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The RehabiMed Method is presented within the framework of the Ifpo AGIR-HIFAZ Project in Iraq



Within the framework of the AGIR-HIFAZ course organized by the French Institute of the Near East (Ifpo), the RehabiMed Method has been presented in three sessions entitled:

  • Urban type-morphology of vernacular architecture in Islamic cities
  • Revitalization of historic centers
  • Introduction to the methodology

The online course, lasting two months (May and June), was addressed to 30 professors from the Salaheddin University of Irbil and the University of Mosul, with the main objective of contributing to the creation of a body of specialized Iraqi professionals in the conservation and improvement of the built heritage of their country, and participate in the modernization of higher education thanks to a professional training model at the university.

RehabiMed gave three sessions, lasting two and a half hours, in which it presented, to frame the topic, a vision of the urban development of historic centers and their treatment over time, until the incorporation of the concepts proposed by UNESCO as Historic Urban Landscape. Two sessions were devoted to the presentation of the work methodology developed by RehabiMed (RehabiMed Method) and which is being used in many Mediterranean universities as teaching material. On one hand, emphasis was placed on the implementation of urban regeneration processes and, on the other, on the procedures to be followed for the rehabilitation of buildings, from diagnosis to maintenance. In order to work on a practical application among the students, documentation tasks have been started for the two historic cities, which will be completed with some on-site sessions in mid-September.