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RehabiMed provides advice for urban regeneration in Constanta (Romania)



A RehabiMed mission was organized from 16 to 18 May 2022 in the city of Constanta (Romania), to support the Constantian association in its objective of working a consistent proposal for the urban regeneration of the historic center, known as the Peninsula.

Throughout the three working days, meetings have been held with several municipal councillors, industry professionals and other experts knowledgeable of the city to make a first reflection on the current situation of the historic center. Visits have also been made to the Peninsula, to know first-hand the existing urban heritage, its conservation status and needs for its sustainable revitalization. The leaders of the Constantian association, have put on the table the project Diagnosis, oriented to the preparation of a Plan of action for the city and RehabiMed has offered all the support in the use of the RehabiMed Method, adapted to the local reality .

It is a clearly intercultural city with the presence of Greeks, Armenians, Turks, Jews, Orthodox Christians and Catholics, who show their imprint in their neighborhoods of the city. A clear testimony of the tolerance lived in the city, which gives the historic center of Constanta an undoubted interest. Beyond this ethnic importance, its history is very long, with the origin in a Greek colony, which had a great development in Roman times, was occupied by the Genoese and was under Ottoman rule until the late nineteenth century, when it was adapting and integrating the different architectural movements present in Europe (art nouveau, art deco, rationalism, historicism, eclecticism, communism, etc.) All this gives the city a multicultural character, not exempt from the logical tensions for such a rich and diverse palimpsest, where the archaeological remains must coexist with the real estate pressure arising with the fall of the socialist regime and with the preservation of its varied architecture.