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Empowerment of civil society for the protection of cultural heritage in conflict and post-conflict areas. Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya


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RehabiMed participates in a conference organized by ANSCH and Heritage for Peace on 3 and 4 March 2022.

This conference will present the Arab Network of Civil Society Organizations to Safeguard Cultural Heritage (ANSCH) projects concerning safeguarding cultural heritage resources in the Arab region, as well as negotiating challenges and opportunities facing emerging civil society organizations (CSOs) in wartime. First day, representatives from Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, civil society organizations will speak about their experiences in protecting the cultural heritage in conflict and post-conflict zones. On the second day, they will present scenarios of challenges and opportunities they are encountering in protecting Heritage. Furthermore, Heritage for Peace Organization will discuss issues related to the implemented projects by ANSCH, ANSCH’s future plan, and assess the needs and potential support to the participants. Funding agencies and experts in the field of heritage preservation will contribute to the conference by giving support and further recommendation.

Xavier Casanovas, president of RehabiMed, will make a presentation on Practical recommendations from international experts in heritage

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