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Course on technological innovations for structural rehabilitation in Lithuania


Project news

Between October 25th and 29th 2021, Kaunas University of Technology organized the course on technological innovation in structural rehabilitation of buildings. The course is part of the Erasmus + Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 project, led by RehabiMed. More than 20 Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian and Cypriot experts and professionals took part, representing the various partners of the Project.

The training activity included several technical sessions and visits that complemented the theoretical and practical aspects. Rehabilitation interventions of a wide variety of architectural typologies were analyzed. In Kaunas, we had the opportunity to discover its “modernist” architecture built during the interwar period, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate.

Other technical visits were to Kaunas Castle in the convent of the Bernardine monks or to the Šančiai district mainly with wooden buildings that the neighbors want to protect. During a tour of the territory, we had the opportunity to discover essential elements of traditional Lithuanian architecture, built on wood or brick, but still closely linked to the local tradition. It was possible to understand different approaches in the rehabilitation of these buildings, conditioned by the uses for which they are intended. We also had the opportunity to discover the preventive maintenance experience carried out by a group of young people, with the Mobily Fixus project.

The course allowed an intense exchange of knowledge and experiences between the participants, to enrich the contents, methodologies and pedagogical tools of the training program for future Experts in Building Rehabilitation, which is being developed at European level. The course closed with an interesting debate to draw the main conclusions of the knowledge and skills that Building Rehabilitation Experts should have.