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Congratulations to the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee on winning the World Habitat Award 2013


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The rehabilitation of the old city of Hebron, World Habitat Award 2013

The strategic plan for the revitalization of the historic centre of Hebron, in Palestine, has won (from over 200 participants all over the world) the UN World Habitat Award 2013. The jury valued its innovative nature, its impact on the city’s inhabitants and the example of good practice it represents for application to other places in the territory.

The urban regeneration of Hebron, led by the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) for almost 20 years, has prompted the rehabilitation of hundreds of historic buildings and the rehousing of hundreds of families, at the same time giving a new lease of life and introducing new services into the historic centre. It is important to highlight the complexity of working in a very tense setting, in a city occupied by colonists and the Israeli army.

As part of this overall project, RehabiMed carried out the technical evaluation of the first 15 years of rehabilitation activities in the city, enabling the qualitative and quantitative identification of the results achieved by the actions undertaken.

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