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Painting competition in Marrakech


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The RehabiMed team in Marrakech has organized a painting competition among the children who live in one of the houses rehabilitated as part of the pilot operation in the Mellah district of Marrakechs medina. This initiative highlighted the intervention, which has turned a grey, neglected space with all kinds of habitability problems into a safe, light space which, in the childrens eyes, is full of life and colour.

The nature of the rehabilitation work carried out has done a great deal to elicit a response from the families and their youngest members, who have become very actively and positively involved, and to highlight the importance of improvements to the building and its relation to the children, who now have a wonderful space to mix and play together in. Looking at the results, the children decided to paint things and themselves in a celebration of colour, in this case leaving behind an objective view of heritage. The blue railings became orange, yellow and green, and they coloured the white walls every colouran interesting way of seeing things that communicates a feeling and a mood more than the desire to show things as they physically are.


“Els nens de Marràqueix dibuixen el seu patrimoni tradicional”