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End of emergency works on the consolidation of Raqqa’s monuments



Some emergency works have been completed, consolidating various monuments in the Abbasid city of Raqqa, thus preventing their progressive degradation or total destruction. The works have been financed by the Cultural Protection Found of the British Council and have been carried out in less than six months. They have been concluded despite the difficulties in its implementation and access, coinciding with the periodic confinements that have paralyzed works several times. There have been also training activities aimed at local professionals. The works have focused on the most important monuments of the city that required consolidation: the great al-Mansur mosque, the city wall with its Baghdad gate, the al-Hamidi mosque and the al- castle Banat. The vocational training for the local professionals, in charge of the works studies and its execution, have been carried out by RehabiMed, together with the Institut Milà i Fontanals (CSIC), Heritage for Peace and the Northeast Syrian Authority.