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Visit to the Domestic Tattoos of Ciutat Vella. Barcelona, 4 October at 10:30


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In the framework of European Heritage Days 2014, devoted to Historic Urban Landscapes, the FICAL, RehabiMed, the UPC and European Heritage Days are organizing an itinerary in the city of Barcelona to showcase wall claddings in which LIME is the featured material.
Many people do not know what lime is and are unaware of its multiple applications, but anyone who lives in a historic urban environment is probably surrounded by this fine material. We propose a route around Ciutat Vella, Barcelona’s old town, to view and identify the various forms and uses historically made of lime, emphasising its importance in our built heritage.
The route takes in a series of 18th-century sgraffito façades, domestic tattoos of their time, including the diversity of expressive techniques used in the old town.

Coordination and registration
Judith Ramírez. President of FICAL


European Heritage Days