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Working session of the Her4Dev Project


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On 18 and 19 January, Amman and As Salt in Jordan hosted the latest working session of the Her4Dev Project, with the participation of all the partners in this EU-funded project: CCHP, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Municipal Council, Riwaq, Ramallah, Ramallah Municipal Council, CulTech, Jordan, As Salt Municipal Council, RehabiMed.

The purpose of the meeting, after two years of implementing the project, was to evaluate and coordinate the work carried out, and decide on the timeline to complete the project before June 2014.

The various work groups presented the results of the past two years, including an in-depth study of the historic centres of the three towns involved, regulations to protect their heritage, and proposals for intervention over the next few years. One of the intended outcomes of the Her4Dev Project is to produce three rehabilitation manuals to improve the quality of interventions. Work is advanced at all sites, and soon we will be able to publish the results and promote the materials. The project is a major step towards the planning and preservation of historic centres in Palestine and Jordan.