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In memoriam Manel Dalmau Etxalar (Central de Capdella, 1968-2021)



In memoriam of Manel Dalmau Etxalar (the Central de Capdella, 1968-2021), who left us this cursed morning, Friday September 3, 2021.

Collaborator of RehabiMed in 2006, recording and editing narrna video material from the medina of Marrakech and small villages in the Atlas.

As he defined himself, Manel was a storytellercent of audiovisual narrative and since 1992 he has worked in cultural centers, bars, civic centers, schools, hotels, universities, wastelands, etc. Documentalist and photographer of everyday life linked to history, in recent years he has been working on an oral memory project linked to the Vall Fosca.

Medellín, Central de Capdella, La Pobla de Segur, Barcelona, Marrakech, determine the points of a set of researches and experiences, of a complex, close, diverse and dispersed nature, which contribute singularity and quality to Manel’s career.