About us

RehabiMed is the largest interdisciplinary network in the Mediterranean aimed at the sustainable rehabilitation, restoration of heritage and urban regeneration.

We are an association that promotes sustainable rehabilitation and socio-economic revitalization of historic centres in the Mediterranean, projecting the experience in other continents.

We understand the preservation of heritage as a factor of sustainable development, capable of improving the living conditions of the population, generate economic activity and protect our environment. Everything strengthening local identity and dialogue between cultures, generations and genres.

How do we

Through expert advice and technical support
RehabiMed cooperates with local and national authorities in order to increase its management capacity and delivering our methodology and experience in developing comprehensive action plans.
Creating synergies between stakeholders
RehabiMed has a wide network of over 400 members and institutions involved in different fields of sustainable rehabilitation and urban regeneration.
Promoting research and applying a rigorous methodology
RehabiMed promotes research on rehabilitation, sustainability and enhancement of heritage and disseminate a multidisciplinary methodology that covers legal issues, management and technicians.
Contributing to disseminate and promoting activities
RehabiMed is working for social awareness around the value of the cultural identity and the importance of safeguarding heritage as a factor for sustainable development.

What we get

Increase the management capacity of administrations
Through the technical assistance and applying a rigorous methodology widely applied, the RehabiMed experts help to improve efficiency in the management of built heritage.
Improving the living conditions of the population
RehabiMed applies a model of rehabilitation and urban regeneration that seeks a balance between heritage preservation and improving comfort, habitability and quality of life for citizens (cultural, social and economic).
Preserving the cultural identity
For RehabiMed, knowledge and assessment of the local heritage, contribute to strengthening the cultural identity of the people, the tolerance and the dialogue between cultures, generations and genres.
Raising awareness on heritage preservation
For RehabiMed, the rehabilitation and urban regeneration activities involves dissemination of heritage values, in cultural, social, economic and environmental issues. It raise awareness on its importance and value.