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Rehabilitation pilot operation in Marrakech, 15 years later


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It has been 15 years since the RehabiMed project (funded by the European Union) finished the rehabilitation work on three buildings in Marrakech. A project with a strong social component, since it made it possible to improve the living conditions of around 150 people in 31 room units, also preventing the unbridled gentrification process of the Medina from expelling these families from the historic center. These are the following houses:

– Derb Darqaoua. Neighborhood of Hart Soura, XVI century

11 room units, 49 people.

– Sidi Bel Abbes. Neighborhood of Zaouia Abassia. XVIII century

7 room units, 37 people.

– Derb Zamrane. Barri del Mellah, 19th century

13 room units, 62 people.

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to visit the 3 rehabilitated buildings to verify their state of conservation, the families who live there and the opinion of their inhabitants. It has been a great satisfaction to see that the houses are still well preserved and that they are still mostly inhabited by the same families, who greatly appreciate the improvements made there. Modest families, without resources for maintenance, who have taken care to maintain their houses as best as possible, since they have understood the value of the buildings in which they live.

The attached images show the current situation.

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