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Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 Project: Short-term joint staff Training in Technological innovations for structural rehabilitation in Lithuania


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The Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 project offers a training program for Building Rehabilitation Experts in the partner Countries.


The participants will exchange knowledge and experiences, learning from each other, and debate about how to develop training methodologies and tools on specific topics concerning the technological innovations for structural rehabilitation in Lithuania. These topics are considered necessary for future “Building Rehabilitation Experts”.

The aim of the event is to agree on a common pattern to be applied to training programs for “Building Rehabilitation Experts” in the partner Countries. At the same time partners from the different countries will check their own state of the art on the comparative research, orientating and focussing it to the issues emerged during the discussions.

The participants will be selected as experts able to give elements for the debate for the development of intellectual outputs, as extensive research activity and experience on structural rehabilitation in the different partners’ countries.