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RehabiMed’s faces



Traditional architecture is an essential part of the cultural heritage of peoples.

Regional wealth, cultural diversity, different lifestyles and the local features become essential elements to be preserved in the face of current globalization. For over 15 years RehabiMed has worked on various projects to analyze and catalog the characteristics and typologies of traditional architecture. This knowledge allows for more efficient and respectful rehabilitation.

But within this rich cultural diversity, we often find that there is much more in common than it might appear. The communication links that have united peoples over the centuries have spread construction techniques, adapting to each territory according to its own characteristics. The continued use of traditional materials such as earth, lime, plaster, stone, ceramics and wood has generated a great diversity of textures in architecture, and at the same time with many similarities between them.

RehabiMed presents a series of visions of the faces of this traditional architecture, from end to end of the Mediterranean, gathered during these years of shared learning.

Seeing comes before the words

John Berger. Ways of Seeing.  1972