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Constitution of CoPaM with RehabiMed as a founding partner



On April 26, 2021, the constitutive assembly of the CoPaM Association (Co-developing World Heritage in the Mediterranean) took place. RehabiMed is a founding member along with several ministries, regions, municipalities, universities, associations and professionals of recognized prestigi. It has also the support of UNESCO and ALECSO. This initiative emerged within the framework of the Summit of the Two Shores, Dialogue 5 + 5, held in Marseille in June 2019, with the participation of: Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Malt.

It is the most important project to emerge from the Summit, aimed at the cultural field. Its main objective is focused on promoting the development of Mediterranean territories through the protection, restoration and enhancement of the more than 400 properties inscribed on the World Heritage list among all participating countries. This will be developed on institutional and social cooperation; mobilization of the necessary funds through public-private partnership and technical and institutional support for the implementation of the actions.

The elected members of the Board of Directors represent the two shores:

Chairwoman. Ouided Bouchamaoui (Tunisia)
Vice president. Pietro Laureano (Italy)
General Secretary. Rachida Zadem (Algeria)
Treasurer. François Goven (France)

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