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Consolidation of the monuments of Raqqa


Project news

The inspection activity carried out by the local teams trained by the Project “ Documentation and Protection of cultural heritage in Raqqa city ”, has made it possible to identify the main damages that affect the Hamidi and Abbasid mosques, the city walls and the castle Al Banat. The main damage has been located in the minaret of the Hamidi mosque, with important structural cracks and in the city walls, destroyed in localized areas and in its main monumental element such as the Baghdad gate. Once the damage has been identified, priorities have been established in emergency interventions, in order to proceed with the drafting of technical consolidation reports. Some works that will be adjusted to the economic availability of the Project financed by the Cultural Protection Found of the British Council and organized by RehabiMed, CSIC, Vision and  Heritage for Peace , and with the collaboration of the Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin