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Smart Rehabilitation 3.0. Erasmus+ (2019-2022)


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The Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 project is aimed at defining the professional profile of the experts for rehabilitation and restoration of the built heritage. The Project is focusing on the incorporation of new technologies, both, in terms of techniques and training tools, as well as in the knowledge of materials and innovators construction systems. Specific training programs, MOOC training material and repositories of experiences and innovative technologies will be developed.

The Project has specialized partners, both Universities and entities from the construction sector of Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania and Ireland. RehabiMed assumes the projection of the results both between the Euro-Mediterranean universities and the entire sector involved, with the objective of consolidating this profile of rehabilitation expert.

It is a new project led by RehabiMed, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, which will give continuity to the Diagnosis project, with the participation of four universities: Polytechnic of Catalonia, Palermo, Cyprus and Kaunas. It has started his work in November 2019 and ends in October 2022.

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