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Course on innovative tools and instruments for the diagnosis of buildings at the Warsaw Polytechnic University


Project news

Between 21 and 25 May 2018, the course of tools and innovative instruments applied to the diagnosis of existing buildings was developed, at the Polytechnic University of Warsaw, Poland, in the context of the Erasmus + DIAGNOSIS Project of RehabiMed.

The objective of the course is to define the knowledge and the professional profile of a “Expert in the diagnosis of buildings” with regard to instruments and tools that can improve the quality of the information to be collected and their applications in diagnosis. The course develops, in a theoretical and practical vision, from photogrammetry or laser scanner to specific instruments used in the determination of humidity values, thermography, ultrasound and all kinds of instruments for the evaluation of the Different materials and components of buildings.

The course also includes a visit to the historical center of the city to study reconstruction at the end of the Second World War, when this part of the city was totally destroyed by the German army.