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RehabiMed contributes on the reinforcement of Jordanian municipalities


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As part of the Framework Agreement of Technical Support UPFI with the French Agency of Development, the IBF consortium, with the participation of RehabiMed, has been commissioned to provide technical support to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MoMA) of the Kingdom of Jordan.

The municipal sector in Jordan is underdeveloped, compared to international practices. It represents only the 3% of public expenditure, against the 36% of the world average. Despite this, the municipalities are responsible for   key areas that contribute to the quality of life of the population and they are the best placed to identify and satisfy the local population needs thanks to their proximity to citizens. However, some Jordanian municipalities are constrained in this role, due to their limited internal competences in terms of budget management, investment planning and administration of the services they charge.

The aim is to assist Jordanian municipalities in offering better and more efficient services to their citizens as part of their responsibilities. For this purpose, the effectiveness of planning should be strengthened;   formulation and implementation of investment in municipal services, and   the administrative and financial management should be improved in order to carry out priority municipal investments. The project comprises an investment programme that meets the priority needs of the municipalities, particularly in the following areas: Urban mobility management, Improvement of public areas and Improvement of waste management system, and a technical assistance programme to structure a system of project management through counselling the municipalities on how to design and implement these projects,  as well as training and methodological tools for the financial management, maintenance planning and investment renewal.