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Guided visit to rehabilitation work on Sant Antoni Market. Barcelona, 26 September 2014 at 17:00


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In the framework of European Heritage Days, which have been promoting architectural heritage since 1991, this year we’re organizing a guided visit, given by the people responsible for rehabilitating Sant Antoni Market. Rehabilitation work was promoted by the IMMB of Barcelona City Council in the form of a plan to modernize the city’s historic market places, restoring their architectural values and equipping them with the services and accessibility required by 21st-century commerce.
• The market’s subsoil has produced many interesting surprises that help to explain the history of the city of Barcelona.
• The construction of basement floors for market storage and parking called for highly complex structural solutions.
• The architectural values of the building that was opened in 1882, the work of Antoni Rovira and Josep M. Cornet, with its Greek-cross plan set in Cerdà’s example grid, include its innovative iron structure, impressive volume, central dome, and the thousands of details and decorative elements that go to make this market so singular.
• The incorporation of the latest technologies at the service of a new market adapted to present-day requirements makes this rehabilitation project a very special intervention.