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Selection of photographs 2007


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The winning photograph:

Autor: Fouad Maazouz[Zoom photo]
30 finalists
María Llamas
Andrea Preto
Francine Davidi
André Pina Moreira
Juana María López
Talia Davidi
Elisa Bertagnini
Arturo Cucciolla
Diego Carrillo Mesa
Dimitris Ioannidis
Fouad Maazouz
Gianna Spirito
Amelia Valletta
F. Martínez-Clavel
Irene Chinaglia
Andrea Preto
Ana del Castillo
Fouad Maazouz
Stefania Muresu
Francesco Patrone
Jaume Costa
Lorenzo Pietropaolo
Luís Martí
Patricia Bruno
Cristina Thió
Piernicola Cosimo Intini
Juan A. García
Òscar Ruiz,
Jaime Díaz
Linda Lowry
Linda Lowry
RehabiMed will contact the authors of the selected works to submit the photographs in their original format and with the highest possible resolution. Any entrant not submitting the original will be excluded from the competition.The selected works will be displayed to the public between 10 and 24 July, in the exhibition “Different Viewpoints: Traditional Mediterranean Architecture”, together with the winning work.