CUBA projects (1994-2015)

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Over the last two decades, together with various institutions and universities in Cuba (Oficina de Restauración in Trinidad, CENCREM, Oficina del Historiador in Havana, CUJAE, Casal Catalán…), Spain (Generalitat de Catalunya, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council, Arquitectos sin Fronteras, Catalan Association of Technical Architects, AECID…) and further afield (ICOMOS, UNESCO…), a series of […]

RehabiMed at the Historic Cities and Urban Regeneration Conference. 23-25/03/2015. Bahrain

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RehabiMed Method and the experience of urban regeneration in Barcelona will be presented to the Conference of UNESCO in Bahrein. It will be presented by Xavier Casanovas, President of RehabiMed. Programme Arab Programme Draft Recommendations. Bahrain, 25 March 2015 

RehabiMed participates in the MUPP-MUD CITY DEBATES 2015. 4-6/03/2015, Beirut


MUPP-MUD CITY DEBATES 2015: Other Gentrifications: Urban Change beyond the Core Architecture Lecture Hall (Architecture Building) In the 2015 edition of City Debates, we are planning to explore the processes of urban change associated with gentrification. The debates are set within the international field of gentrification research, focusing on urban contexts facing issues of (post-)conflict and […]

Call for papers. World SB14


The World SB14 conference will take place on 28, 29 and 30 October 2014 in Barcelona. This is the sixth outing of a triennial event promoted by iiSBE, WGBC, CIB and UNEP, bringing together the world’s leading experts in sustainability in urban areas and construction. On this occasion, the conference is organized by Green Building […]

RehabiMed backs the remodelling of Algiers’ abattoir as a space for artists


The abattoir of Ruisseau in Algiers, a heritage complex dating from the colonial period, has ended a historic phase, moving its activity to another part of the city. The site’s characteristics, along with its configuration of large open-plan spaces and its heritage values, have prompted the creation of a platform to convert the abattoir into […]

Congratulations to the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee on winning the World Habitat Award 2013

Casa Hebron

The rehabilitation of the old city of Hebron, World Habitat Award 2013 The strategic plan for the revitalization of the historic centre of Hebron, in Palestine, has won (from over 200 participants all over the world) the UN World Habitat Award 2013. The jury valued its innovative nature, its impact on the city’s inhabitants and […]

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013: Birzeit, Palestine


Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013: Revitalization of the Historic Centre of Birzeit, Palestine RIWAQ, a collaborator of RehabiMed, has won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013 with a project involving the revitalization of Birzeit. The work, lasting five years, centred on 50 villages and forms part of the Rehabilitation Master Plan initiated by […]