International heritage show in Paris, 2010

The International heritage show in Paris has henceforth become an event in the agenda of European heritage that should not be missed. It is both a showcase for business excellence, places and heritage sites, as well as a preferred meeting place of both businesses and the public who are interested in heritage. In 15 years, […]

Selection of photographs 2010

Seleccio de fotografies 2010

The winning photograph: Downtown (Egipte), Nour El Refai Special Mention of the Jury: La transe du Arrif (Tunísia), Augustin Le Gall Seductive Cairo (Egipte), Gianluca Capri     Procession du Panier (França), Frédéric Seguran Belonging to the past (Territoris Palestins), Eyad Jadallah Selected Pictures The Granary of Rome (Itàlia), James Terton Mon Capitaine (França), Sébastien Benderouiche Alosno (Espanya), Francisco Vallejo Traditional Olive Oil […]